My first blog

This is really a case of “if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” I have never thought that blogs are anything more than a lot of people with a lot of spare time on their hands sending out content into a huge world where no-one really cares, unless your name is Obama or Kutcher. So against my own advice, I am just doing it.

A friend started a blog when she decided that there wasn’t enough space on Facebook for her to talk about herself. That’s not why I am doing this. Really, it’s more about the rant factor. I am a ranter, and I think that if blogs have any value in this world, then being a rant platform is it. So I will update when I have something to rant about (which is when I assume most people update). Right now, I have to go back to what I get paid for, and stop wasting time.




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5 responses to “My first blog

  1. Julie

    OMG!!!! I am getting closer – Everyday a new friend has a blog and I am falling in love with them (my friends) all over again – blogs are such a great outlet for venting and sometimes I really need to – my updates are just snippets into the sick, twisted, ever thinking brain of mine – so I get why you need a blog and I will read it – and respond with way too long comments until I get my own blaahg –

    Kisses – Jules

  2. Ivan Taylor

    Will Peter still not get a word in ??

    Will the kids have to now speak to you through this medium ?

    Can we drink beer in cyperspace ?

    Good luck…………………….

  3. Ok , so this makes you more “out there” … I don’t know about this … one is never alone. if it is not the landline ringing , its the mobile , then a mobile message , then an email , then a skype and so on ans so on OMG !!!!! I think a desert would be good with no reception.

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