An unexpected error has occured

I had pressed the “send” button on an email to many of my Outlook contacts announcing that I am now a fully-fledged member of the blogosphere. Only, I received a prompt saying: “An unexpected error has occured” and I couldn’t send the email.

This made me laugh because as I was adding names to my Bcc list, I started getting intimidated. While I am having a generous helping of fun writing my blog (I am a writer by profession, but I write in the business world, which tends to hamper my creativity on occasion), I am also a little nervous as I realize that I have a lot of very smart and very talented friends, many who can write me under the table. Not that I am trying to profession drop, but in the mix are a few academics with PhDs plumping up their resumes, others who also make their living out of writing and do a great job of it, doctors, a few lawyers (but that’s a whole other story), etc.

So I am taking a deep breath, and relying on the fact that in addition to their high IQs and over abundant achievements they are also wonderful people and hopefully they’ll just chuckle along with me as I roll out my personal take on life in the Israeli medium-speed lane. Bear with me as I find my feet among my fellow bloggers.

And hopefully MS Outlook isn’t sending me a “LA Story”-esque message from the universe telling me to stop this folly.


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One response to “An unexpected error has occured

  1. Julie

    Leave performance anxiety to the men and do what you do best – keep us smiling! 🙂

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