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Just Do Nothing for Two Minutes








Sounds simple, doesn’t it? When I saw this “challenge” on my Facebook page, I clicked, and received a full screen picture of the sea with the sound of the waves in the background and a two-minute countdown clock.

Two minutes – that’s nothing.

Or so it seems. Turns out that as I watched the seconds tick by, in my head I was running through the list of to-dos that awaited me for the morning instead of enjoying the nothingness.  I waited for the countdown to end so I could rush to my online chores and get ahead for the day.

We are trapped in a vortex of having to fill our minutes, hours and days with constant activity. We’ve lost our ability to stop and do nothing, relax…meditate. Remember the seventies when people took time out to meditate? I remember my older brothers, who were teens in the hippie era, “indulging” in mediation, stopping for half and hour a day to do nothing but meditate. I don’t know anyone today who does that. We are all too busy “doing”.

Of course living in the technology age doesn’t help. In addition to our regular jobs and chores, we find ourselves stuck in this constant race to fill our minds with more and more information so that we don’t “fall behind”. We’re pushed to keep up with the latest technologies, news, updates, information, so heaven forbid we don’t hear comments like: “What, you didn’t hear about what happened in X?” Or “You haven’t tried the latest version of Y?” Or, “Didn’t you see what I just posted about Z?”

I confess that I fall into the trap of trying to keep up with all the above on a daily basis. So I would like to take up my own challenge of taking a deep breath, stepping away from the info race every now and again, and just doing nothing for a little bit. The world will certainly keep turning if we all give it a go, and we’ll probably all be slightly less stressed for it.



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