Facebook, My Water Cooler

My flesh and blood friends who are also Facebook friends are constantly making fun of me. “You’re always on Facebook”; “I follow your life on your status updates”; “How do you do it?” “You’re nuts.”

I don’t spend a lot of time on Facebook. In fact, it’s probably a lot less than the average working person in an office spends hanging around their colleagues’ desks, chatting in the kitchenette over a cup of coffee or loitering around for several minutes after a meeting. I work from home. I have no desks around me with their denizens ready to let me in on their daily gossip; my kitchen, which far from being a messy office kitchenette, hosts no little groups of people chatting about the latest in office politics or what they did last night; and I don’t go to meetings that are preceded by a quick rundown of last night’s news or baseball scores.

Instead, I have Facebook. When I need to take my eyes off a document for a few minutes or rest my brain after searching through thousands of words of online wisdom, I open Facebook. It’s my personal water cooler. I hear about my friend Jo’s latest trip; see pictures of Janice’s most recent culinary sensation; see how Tracy’s baby boy is growing up so quickly; catch up with Tal’s latest blog; check out Barak’s most recent quirky post; have a good laugh courtesy of Renee and many others, find out how Michelle’s kids are doing and so much more. In return, I keep my friends and family around the world (and nearby) up to date on the latest with my kitchen renovation, what my guests are having for dinner, my kids, what I’m reading that I think others will care about, interesting articles I’ve stumbled on and anything else I think may amuse. And I manage to do all this without taking too much time out of my working schedule and without getting in anyone else’s way.

So for those of you who think I have no life because some of it is lived on Facebook, I poo poo you! For me, it’s just a place where a working-from-home professional can exchange some water cooler moments without having to leave the comfort of my home or my sweatpants. Give me a home office and a Facebook water cooler any day over the alternative.


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